Measuring surface free energy – why test inks don’t tell the full truth 

One of the most commonly used methods to measure surface free energy is test inks / dyne pens. But they can often lead to inaccurate and unreliable results.
Join the Focus Webinar with Dr. Youssef Akil to ensure your future success in SFE measurements!

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What is surface free energy?

Why is it important to measure surface free energy?

Why do test inks / dyne pens often give incorrect results?

Why is the contact angle method the better alternative?

How are surface free energy measurements performed by the contact angle method?

Live demonstration: 

The KRÜSS Mobile Surface Analyzer (MSA) will be demonstrated to show how a surface free energy measurement works in real time. 


If you register, you can access the recorded version of this webinar immediately.

What you can expect:

Learn how test inks work and why they often fail.

Understand why the contact angle method is the superior and far more accurate alternative and how you can use it.