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Foam is welcome in many products or may be the product itself. To create the foam you want, understanding its properties and how they are influenced and measured is key. Learn how the personal care and food & beverage industries rely on scientific foam analysis to optimize their formulations.

In this webinar, Dr. Andrew Mellor from KRÜSS is joined by a developer from Clariant Specialty Chemicals to explain how they achieve and control the desired foam properties for their applications. To develop products that meet their customers' demands, a solid understanding of the numbers is critical.

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What methods are used to create foam?

How do surfactants affect foamability?

How are foam formation, stability, structure and liquid content measured and analyzed?

What do drainage speed, decay time and bubble size tell me about my foam?

How are foaming and decay experiments designed? Do they have to be separate experiments?

How is scientific foam analysis being used in different industries?

What are Glucamides? How do they affect foam production?


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What you can expect:

Learn how to analyze measurement data to characterize your foam.

Discover the benefits of "green" materials in the production of foam.